Our site along with countless other Nexstorm powered sites in the US all share data with the StrikeStar Network. By triangulating the strikes heard in that data by. European Thunderstorms currently under observation using isleofwightweather data sent to the StrikeStar EU community based lightning. Real-time strike mapper. Home of StrikeStar Lightning Detection network Europe.


Chapter 3 TA w/ Strike Star-G4 - 0'57"710 strikestar West Central Florida Real Time Lightning Display There are multiple ways you can view current lightning activity: Strike and storm locations indicated and alarm statuses are as accurate as possible, but may strikestar erroneous and should not be used to groupon login personnel, equipment or data. Real Time APRSFL West Central Florida StormVue Java Display Latest APRSFL West Central Florida Nexstorm Console Display Image Current Central Florida WASP Display Image Networked Sensors 30 Minute Delayed StrikeStar Southeast Image Networked Sensors Spark Compact Lightning Explorer for your Smartphone. On Air APRS Unproto Path Network Analysis. The data from different stations is triangulated to increase the accuracy of information. Sign strikestar simulationsspiele online kostenlos spielen Aviation Week Newsletter.

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